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Download 'No ID, No Sale!' items for printing

You can download PDFs of selected 'Retail Pack' items for printing. You will need to have a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC or mobile in order to view and print the files.

Keep in mind you can order a pre-printed, FREE full 'No ID, No Sale!' Retail Pack (including posters and leaflets) for delivery to your store.

Retail Pack Downloadable Items

A3 Statutory Tobacco Notice

A3 Statutory Tobacco Notice

  • size A3 yellow poster with bold, black text
  • poster reads 'It is illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18'
  • it is a legal requirement to display this notice if you sell tobacco
  • it is an offence if you do not have the required notice on display
  • N.B. MUST print in full colour and A3 size with the legally required sized letters

'No ID, No Sale!' Refusals Register

A4 Refusals Register

  • an 8-page, A4 size booklet to keep close to your till for registering any sale refusals you may make
  • you can find the instructions and explanatory guide on the inside cover, and 6 pages for your refusal records
  • it is easy to complete and a great way to keep track of and show refusals are being made appropriately

'No ID, No Sale!' A4 Refusals Register Extra Page

A4 Refusals Register Extra Page

  • should you run out of pages in your booklet, you can download extra pages for your Refusal Register
  • print as many as you think you may need

'No ID, No Sale!' Scan Me Discounted CitizenCard Poster

A4 'Scan Me' Poster

  • display this A4 sized poster to help in your battle to be compliant
  • the poster displays a striking yellow background, with bold black text reading 'Scan Me' and its unique QR code
  • use this poster to point customers in the direction of affordable, accepted ID and proof of age
  • this poster allows anyone to apply for a discounted CitizenCard for £7.50, instead of £18

A4 'Under 25' Poster

A4 'Under 25' Poster

  • red and black A4-sized poster
  • ideal for advising customers they will be asked for ID if they look under 25 and attempt to purchase an age restricted product
  • prepares customers to show their ID
  • this poster is recognised by the Police and Trading Standards

Front side of 'No ID, No Sale!' CitizenCard Application Form

CitizenCard Application Leaflet

  • PASS is the UK Government Approved Standard for proof of age
  • by holding a small stock of application forms by your tills, you can help your store by giving customers easy access to acceptable ID
  • it is simple to fill out and the easiest way to advise somebody to apply for a CitizenCard
  • this way, you can be assured that you have done your best to help assist the customer when declining a sale

Extra Downloadable Items

A3 Statutory Fireworks Poster

  • size A3 white poster with bold, black text
  • it is a legal requirement to display this notice if you sell fireworks
  • N.B. MUST print in full colour and A3 size with the legally required sized letters; The Fireworks Regulations Act 2004 require a notice to be displayed in a prominent position in premises selling fireworks and it must be no less than 400mm by 300mm, with letters no less than 16mm high

'No ID, No Sale!' A3 Age Restricted Items in UK Poster

A3 Age Restricted Items Poster

  • this poster lists all age restricted products and services in the UK to back up any refusals you may need to make in your store
  • intended to be displayed in A3 size
  • it is a great way to inform customers of all the products and services that they can expect to be asked identification for

A4 HMPO 'Going Out Don't Risk Losing Your Passport Poster'

A4 HMPO 'Going Out Don't Risk Losing Your Passport' Poster

  • this poster advises people to leave their passports at home and to choose a safer and cheaper option for ID, such as, any PASS proof of age and ID card
  • pair this up with a 'Scan Me' poster to entice people to apply for a PASS-accredited CitizenCard
  • this poster is recognised by the Police and Trading Standards

A4 'No ID No Sale!' Poster

A4 'No ID No Sale!' Poster

  • a vibrant A4 size 'No ID No Sale!' poster with its distinctive red roundel
  • use this poster as a reminder to your customers that they can be expected to be asked for ID to purchase restricted goods
  • we recommend displaying this poster near your tills so that customers can prepare to show you their ID
  • 'No ID No Sale!' logo is widely recognised across the UK